hungry shark

In Boston the truth about the shark attack was revealed!  It was a great white!!!

Here’s The Story!

Great White!



music sharks

The Wanted swam with Australian sharks.

Here’s the story!

The Wanted!

shark saver on the run

Paul Watson saved sharks and now he’s on the run.

Here’s the story!

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the most hammry shark ever

I’m going to talk about my brother’s (bing) favorite shark a…… hammer head shark.  a hammer head shark moves it’s hammer like head side to side to see better.  they smash there pray with there head then eat it!!!  also related to a hammer head is a bone head it looks a lot like a hammer head.

here is a video about hammer head.


car cage

Volkswagen made a shark cage for Shark Week.  I think this is pretty cool for people to see sharks in, but you can see the video too!

Great White Wonder

This was an amazing video that my aunt and me found on youtube and wanted to share with you.

A Weird Named Shark

A Zebra Shark is named Zebra Shark, but it has spots not stripes. If you go to the Aquarium of the Pacific, you can see how weird they look. They’re kind of nice, you can pet them at the Aquarium, sometimes. It’s really fun to see and pet it. It feels kind of rough. Don’t put your hand near it’s mouth, it’s not that friendly! And here’s a picture that I took from the Aquarium of the Zebra Shark that I want to share.

The Sawy Sawshark

Sawsharks are very interesting creatures. There’s a point out of their mouth that has sideways teeth on it. It cuts it’s food up with those teeth then eats it. Sawsharks are related to an extinct shark that also had weird looking teeth. It’s name was Helicoprion and it’s teeth make a circle on the bottom lip of the sharks mouth. There is a debate about where the teeth actually were, but I think that it is on the lower lip, not inside the middle of it’s mouth.

This picture was from the Aquarium of the Pacific. My dad took this. You can go there too, to see all kinds of different sharks.

Click here to learn more about Helicoprion.