My Chum Buddy

This I got sick with Croup.  I couldn’t breathe and I had to go to the hospital.  It was kind of scary when I could not breathe.  The Doctor said to just rest in bed and read or watch TV.  I have been lying on my  Chumbuddy
, which is a big, huge sleeping bag that you can lay on or lay in.  It’s a good place to read and learn about sharks…  And it’s a good place to sleep!

Lucy talking about being sick on KMIX 106.3

Lucy resting in a shark!






  • Patricia Hinkson

    Lucy, I’m sorry you’re sick, but I hope you’re feeling better soon! Love the website…you’re so talented! Take care~~ Pattie

  • Beth

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Being sick is never much fun. I listened to the clip of you on the radio. You sounded great. Hopefully you will get to go back to school on Monday if you are well enough.

  • Kim in Denver

    Lucy- you look very comfy and relaxed in your Chumbuddy! I’m glad to hear you’re getting better and I thought you did a great job on the radio!

  • Tricia in Indy

    I’m so sorry you are sick Lucy, but I would feel better too laying in the Chumbuddy! That is so cool! Hope you’re feeling better kiddo!

  • Jasleen

    Hey Lu you did not tell me you were sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ]

  • Jasleen

    What up Lucy I want to see you . From Jasleen ( :