Meeting an Expert

Today I had breakfast with an expert about all different kinds of animals! His name is Donald Schultz. His main focus is snakes. He takes venom from snakes to create antivenom. He makes TV shows about all types of animals. And he was very nice.

He has swam with all different kinds of sharks. It was cool because he told me about how he saw whale sharks, first him and some other people had formed a circle on the sea floor then him and the other people would make bubbles and the whale sharks would try to eat the bubbles. It was cool to hear the story.

Below is me and Donald together.








Here is one of my favorite videos featuring Donald.

I’d like to thank Donald for him coming to breakfast with me. And I’d like to thank Shark Research Institute who had the fundraiser on ebay for us to win breakfast with Donald Schultz.


  • Beth Riddell

    Wow, how did you get so lucky that you were able to meet him? That sounds really exciting.

    • Wendy

      It was so cool hearing you talk about your meeting Lucy! I love the video too

  • Diane Medina

    You RULE, Lucy!

  • Dorothy B. Hoffman

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • sdh

    That sounds really awesome!! You sound very interested in the sharks. One day we could see you being filmed and studying the sharks?

  • Grandma

    That is so cool Lucy! Angela is the bestest Aunt in the whole wide world!


    wow lucy it sounds like you had alot of fun. this is something to remember for ever. you are very lucky

  • Teresa

    What a great experience you had today! Thank you for sharing your picture and the video.

  • Charlene

    That is so cool.

  • Rachel B.

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing with us Lucy.

  • Hammerhead Shark

    How awesome!

  • Maria

    You have a cool website, Lucy!! Congrats!!

  • Bakogal

    such and exciting blog! I loved learning about the sharks! looking forward to your next blog!